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Great Power Challengers

Exit from Below

International Liberal Order

  • Democracy Digest features Exit from Hegemony

    May 18, 2020 0
    “Alexander Cooley and Daniel Nexon identify three ways in which the primacy of the liberal international order is being eroded from above, laterally, and from below.” Read the article from Democracy Digest.

Exit by America

  • Progressive Foreign Policy

    February 5, 2020 0
    Dan joined Kate Kizer, Adam Mount, Loren DeJonge Schulman, Mena Ayazi, and A. Trevor Thrall for a panel on the future of, divisions among, and nature of progressive foreign policy. You can watch the video Read More

Counter-Order Movements

  • Multipolar Populism

    May 6, 2020 0
    We have a piece in Foreign Policy on the relationship between multipolarity and populism. he Serbian and Italian examples highlight an important but often overlooked relationship between the decline of U.S. hegemony and the rise Read More

Related Publications

  • Hegemony Studies 3.0

    September 10, 2019 0
    This summer, the journal Security Studies published a special issue edited by Dan and John Ikenberry—one including an article by Alex on the reversal of liberal ordering in Eastern and Central Eurasia. More about that Read More